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About us

For more than 20 years VGS has been manufacturing under the well-established brand name "MaxxLuxx®" high quality advertising, architectural and interior lighting along with LED illuminated lighting products.

VGS belongs to one of the few international operating companies, producing LED illuminated lighting products of full-acrylic with integrated single LEDs and having such a long experience with the handling of these technical-electricaly superior products.

VGS was able to develop a name which is worldwide know for a top quality, flexible approach and fast conditioning, from the tender preperation until the delivery.

VGS is producing under ideal conditions in Dresden. In the connection of traditional handcraft and modern technology, high class products are made by manufactory conditions which had satisfied the high expectations of the customers since the beginning. In addition to the specially developed MaxxLuxx® products we produce channel letters in 3/4/5/8 profiles as well as plastic and metal letters.

MaxxLuxx® is a trade supplier. Our clients include German and international brands who have confidence in the quality of our products.

Long standing experience in processing LEDs and continuous development and improvement ensures MaxxLuxx® products are of consistently high quality.