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As an owner of a luxury yacht, you can be proud of your extraordinary success. With the choice of your yacht, the design and the equipment you create a reflection of your personality. What is even more important? Exactly – the name of your boat. MaxxLuxx®-YachtLightWorks lets you present the exterior of your yacht in “the best light”. Not least because of the amount of several millions LEDs processed every year and more than 90 tonnes of acrylic glass, VGS probably is the most experienced company in the production of high quality luminous elements with LED-illumination. Especially this important detail should not be left to chance, so do not go for any cheap solutions. Trust us and ask for the best solution – MaxxLuxx®-YachtLightWorks.



StairLight – Stair Illumination

Individual and exclusive illumination of stairs can be effected by StairLight. No matter whether showy design or practical signs is what you want – there is a wide range of forms and effects to choose from. Further possible usage options for these luminous objects can be found in the cockpit, effect illumination or other forms of practical signs.

  • material of the luminous object: acrylic
  • front panel: stainless steel, wood veneer, foil, etc.
  • different forms: rectangular, round, oval, etc.
  • thickness of material: from 10mm
  • LED illumination (warm white, cool white, blue, red, green, yellow, orange and RGB)
  • suitable for various electrical systems


RoomLight – Homogeneous Lighting Surfaces

The product line “RoomLight” presents full-surface and homogeneously up to the edge illuminated objects. This allows entertainment illumination of all sections. You can set visual accents, perform “illumination ideas” and create an exciting atmosphere. Comfortable design solutions with a variety of different illumination and control techniques are possible.


The Acrylic Body





1 Acrylic Glass

The luminous element (e. g. a letter) consists of UV-resistant and high-quality acrylic glass. This way, the LEDs are protected and a yellowing of the acrylic glass (especially white) is prevented. VGS only uses acrylic glass from international brands. Some of these are developed according to the requirements of VGS (depending on application) and are exclusively supplied to VGS. With more than 90 tonnes of processed acrylic glass per year VGS is probably one of the most experienced processors of such products worldwide.



2 LEDs

Absolutely homogenous illumination is achieved by computer-simulated positioning of the LEDs. Sealing the LEDs into the acrylic glass makes sure they are protected from harmful environmental influences including salt water.



3 Processing of Acrylic Glass

Complex technologies such as 3D-laser measurement are used for processing of the acrylic glass. As a result, it can be processed by CNC milling or Laser cutting according to the specific requirements. Thus, for example, individually manufactured illumination-objects with curvature corresponding to the side panel of the ship can be manufactured.



4 Fronts of the Luminous Objects

The fronts can be made of stainless steel (mirror polished and rounded edges) or other high quality materials.



5 Edges of the Luminous Objects

The edges of the luminous objects can be carried out in different ways.

In the upper figure you can see a straight edge that is partly lacquered. Because of bevelled edges (as shown in the lower figure), the light emission surface is enlarged and a more elegant effect is achieved in an unlit state.



6 Lacquer

For lacquering of VGS objects exclusively brand lacquers are used. Special lacquers for use in the maritime sector can be used if requested. The quality of lacquer and lacquering corresponds to highest standards. Partly up to eight layers of lacquer are applied in order to achieve a perfect result.







AllLight – Light + Design with the MaxxLuxx® Surface Area System

Recently VGS was addressed by customers from several sectors, that they aren`t really satisfied with the illumination systems offered on the market. The reason therefore is that particular for room-illumination either classical lamps or standard ceiling illumination are used. Especially for the “free solutions” required by designers, this kind of illumination does not offer the right impulse because in this connection the design is already given and there is not any space for an individual solution. Especially regarding this aspect, that therefore the connection between enough light intensity (for being able to illuminate actual a room) and the demand for an exclusive interior design is currently not possible, we decided to concern ourselves with this topic. Thereby a product respectively a product family was developed, which we call “MaxxLuxx® AllLight”.

The size of the objects is very flexible. A size of 2.000 x 3.000 mm is seamless possible. Larger surface areas are, according to the kind of these surface areas, at wall- and ceiling coverings feasible.

For the main part this concerns illuminated objects which are produced by the “classical” and multiple proved MaxxLuxx® technique. LEDs are sealed in “solid” acrylic glass and covered with a special developed electronic resin. Every known advantage of the MaxxLuxx® technique is also remained in this field of application.

Being a production engineer, a designer or an interior decorator you can thus set from the beginning on, which optical and technical parameters can be fulfilled in the final result. You are able to stage mood by dimming, by the RGB color gradient and by appropriate coding for example an orientation of the color temperature at special daytimes. Similarly you can change the light intensity situational.

All this is possible without problems and can be influenced by yourself in the early planning phase. Subsequent there are some geometric shapes as sample. Generally you can realize every self-designed and technically feasible shape by VGS:

Furthermore it is possible to choose the carrier materials of the illuminated objects for different requirements. Thus a lot of other different functions like noise protection or thermal insulation can be achieved. It arises a lot of capabilities, for example, as illuminated wall or ceiling covering, as a partition wall or as a part of furniture and much more else. Design and functionality will convince you.

According to the requirements you can adjust the used materials such as foamed, extruded or casted synthetics, wood (compact and veneer), metal etc. with VGS. (If it is essential, the products can fulfill the fire protection classification B1.)


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